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Girlguiding is the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK.

We cover the area of North West Bristol including: Henleaze, Cotham, Bishopston, St Werburghs, Westbury Park, Redland, Ashley Down and Horfield.

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We are busy trying to recruit some new leaders – but why would anyone want to volunteer with us?   Hopefully the profiles below might help explain why it’s a worthwhile thing to do.


“I found Girlguiding by accident, or rather, it found me. Brownies
gives me an escape from my long hours at work. At times, I don’t feel
responsible or old enough to be Brown Owl – but somehow I’m doing it.
I am still learning how to be a leader, but the Brownies themselves
are showing me how. Tuesday nights I find so enjoyable, I sometimes
feel like a Brownie myself. The girls and the confidence they grow,
the games we play, the suggestions they make (they wanted a food fight
– so I made them walk through bowls of baked beans!). Part of the fun
is planning the adventures for them. Its an adventure for me too!”

Beth Arthur, Brown Owl 88th Bristol Brownies (leader-in-training)


“In my experience, there are two types of Guider; the dyed in the wool, always been in Guiding women – they are capable, organised and confident.  They can pitch a tent with their eyes closed, they know all the camp fire songs and have very impressive camp blankets. Their Grans, Mums and Aunties have all been Guiders and they can’t imagine life without it.

Then there are women like me, who just sort of drift in to it, often because we have daughters of our own, and one thing seems to lead to another over time.”

 Sian Jones, Leader in Charge of 44th Rainbows

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